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DDMS provides Eddm Marketing Mailers Service

Area mail doesn't just allow you to target relevant geographies, but also specific demographics as well. Plus, when you partner with DDMS, we handle EVERYTHING - never spend hours managing the process of setting up your campaign ever again.

Target relevant geographies

Select delivery routes within zip codes for a low-cost alternative to targeted marketing. A postcard will be delivered to each home & business on each carrier route for maximum saturation.

We handle everything

No need to spend hours managing the process of setting up an EDDM campaign. We handle everything from postcard printing, paperwork, submission and tracking.

Targeted Demographics

Our team will help determine the ideal carrier routes for your specific use case. We can use private demographic information we have to help you make informed decisions.

Design Guidance

Having executed on thousands of direct mail campaigns, our experts will guide you through the entire process

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