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Allowing you to enjoy the complete brand control

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Send documents and notices through DDMS letter printing services

Our on-demand letting printing seamlessly integrates with a lot of the tools you're likely already using, allowing you to enjoy the complete brand control you need when you need it the most.

On-Demand letter printing

Print and mail fully personalized letters either ad-hoc to a highly targeted mailing lead list or as part of your intelligent lifecycle campaigns.

Hippa compliant letters

Your letters are sent securely & accurately. DDMS offers state of the art data transmission and print production processes to ensure each document is sent for the intended recipient’s eyes only.

Mail deliverability analytics

We monitor your letters in real-time using a proprietary system that tracks programmatic updates from USPS mailing system. This helps you understand when your letters are arriving in mailboxes to help you track your letter campaigns more effectively.

1:1 Personalization

No limitations on customization. Easily A/B test messaging, CTA, offers and more using our personalization engine. No need to be stuck with rigid templates and static messaging.

Direct Mail That Doesn’t Suck

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