Pricing that make sense

Does your business need to send refunds,rebates,or other payments to customers on a regular basis.

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Compare price and figure out what fits your business needs.

At DDMS, we're not interested in locking you into an iron clad contract or making you pay for services that you don't really need. We have the capabilities needed to accomplish your goals, coupled with the pricing plans that align with YOUR needs and not someone else's.

Postcard unit pricing

0-1000/Mo 1001-5000/Mo 5001-10000/Mo
4x6 Postcard $0.70/Postcard $0.50/Postcard $0.45/Postcard
6x9 Postcard $0.98/Postcard $0.71/Postcard $0.65/Postcard
6x11 Postcard $1.05/Postcard $0.77/Postcard $0.70/Postcard
International Delivery $0.92/Postcard $0.92/Postcard $0.92/Postcard

Letter unit pricing

Black & white Letter $0.82/Letter $0.72/Letter $0.68/Letter
Color Letter $0.98/Letter $0.75/Letter $0.70/Letter
Black & white Additional Page $0.10/PDF Page $0.10/PDF Pager $0.10/PDF Page
Color Additional Page $0.20/PDF Page $0.20/PDF Pager $0.20/PDF Page
Extra Postage Fee $1.85/Letter $1.85/Letter $1.85/Letter
International Delivery $0.71/Letter $0.71/Letter $0.71/Letter
Perforation & Return Envelope $0.06/Letter $0.06/Letter $0.06/Letter
Certified Mail $5.00/Letter $5.00/Letter $5.00/Letter
Registered Mail $16.50/Letter $16.50/Letter $16.50/Letter

Check unit pricing

Check $1.05/Check $0.90/Check $0.80/Check
International Delivery $1.71/Check $1.71/Check $1.71/Check
Additional Page $0.22/Check $0.22/Check $0.22/Check
Overnight $25.00/Check $25.00/Check $25.00/Check

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