Intelligent Direct Mail and Audience Data to Accelerate Growth

DDMS powers the growth of B2C and B2B brands through intelligent & automated direct mail campaigns against their target audiences.

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DDMS is Your One Stop Shop For Direct Mail Marketing & Fulfillment

Our team has vast experience in designing mail pieces, selecting prospective audience groups and working with your team to optimize direct mail as an effective and profitable marketing channel for you.


4-7 days from 'send' to your customer's mailbox.

With our robust capabilities, you can proactively get the right message in front of the right people at exactly the right time - regardless of how often than message changes based on new promotions, seasonal fluctuations and more.


Aggressive Enterprise Pricing

Recent studies have shown that the average ROI for direct mail campaigns is already between 18 and 20%. With our aggressive enterprise pricing, we want to help you extend those numbers even further.


#1 Print Delivery Network Nationwide

You finally have access to the most intelligent network for printing and sending mail, allowing you to get your message directly to the people no matter where in the country they happen to live.


Dynamic Personalization

Direct mail personalization isn't just a perfect opportunity to increase your open rate. It can generate more responses, significantly expand brand recall AND increase average customer lifetime value across the board.


Robust Deliverability Analytics

Finally, you have a chance to dive beneath the data your organization is creating and unlock the invaluable, actionable intelligence hidden inside. You can then leverage those insights to make your future campaigns better than ever.


More Precise Targeting

The secret to direct mail success isn't in casting the widest possible net - it's in casting the most precise one that you can. Thanks to our innovative technology you can now laser focus your efforts on people in certain demographic groups, income levels, geographic areas and more.

"DDMS is my go to for high quality mailers, lightning fast turnarounds, and affordable prices"


Director of Marketing, Pilot

Shrav Mehta

"I've worked with countless vendors in the Los Angeles area that boast cheaper cost & higher conversions. DDMS was the first vendor to actually deliver. They create compelling direct mail designs, can target dynamic audiences, and work with my marketing team to ensure a healthy conversion rate."


Founder, Broker
Alam Realty

Mohammad Alam

"I've never worked with a vendor who can personalize mailers 1:1 like DDMS. Their customer support is top notch and they have changed the game on how our customers experience our brand which has lead to much higher conversions than previous vendors"


CEO, Adhi Schools

Kartik Subramaniam

Direct Mail That Doesn’t Suck

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